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How to get ready for your home search

Financial advantages of owning a home

Partnering with the Best

Building your home purchase team

Buying a home may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime. When I say investment, I don't just mean financial. Where you live will influence everything from your health to the new friends that you will make. There are huge repercussions that impact both your quality of life and your financial wellbeing.  

As such, I recommend partnering with the best experts you can find that can guide you with knowledge, competence and honesty. 


Having the best team possible will garner better results for you, I guarantee that.


Team members you will need: 


  1. Mortgage Broker, Lender

  2. Realtor
  3. Building Inspector

  4. Attorney

  5. Movers

  6. Home Improvement Specialists: ex: electrician, plumber, handyman, renovations, designers


I have been in business for 30 years.  I have professionals that I can recommend for your team. Industry experts that I have seen in action and vetted for any real estate challenge.

Request a Personalized Buyer's Guide 


  1. Detailed steps to purchase

  2. Long Island closing costs

  3. Protips: 2022 Market from Maddy Camay


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